Billy Moses

The Billy Moses story is full of controversy and passion, his unwavering drive to succeed matched by his uncompromising views. Knocked down many times, this young man bounced back and kept going. Billy’s willingness to adopt new technologies kept him ahead of the pack in the tough media industry. Currently, he is California’s rising media star and, in a field filled with fakes, Billy Moses stands out for his honesty and dedication.

Billy Moses was born to Danny Moses and Kathryn Holub on September 3rd, 1988. In 1994, Billy’s parents split up due to his father’s continued drug use. This setback affected Billy; his academic work suffered and he barely scraped through high school. However, the school years saw the start of Billy’s media career. His drive to succeed, his love of controversy, and his confident personality developed and took shape. Billy became the Associated Student Body President and the editor of his high school newspaper. This passion for communication saw the first tentative move into a TV career: In 2005, Billy and a few of his friends decided that putting a TV show together would be adventurous. They traveled down to the Time Warner Cable Studios in Bellflower, and picked up a public access slot a year later. His friends did not want to appear on TV, so they bowed out, but Billy caught the bug and fulfilled his commitment to finish a season of programming.

After ten weekly episodes, Billy realized that, although he loved the freedom to air his views, he had no love for the TV camera. He felt that a career in radio would suit his positive personality and edgy, contentious views. Billy picked up his first radio job in 2006 when he became an on-air personality for WPMD (AM 1700); ‘The Billy Mo Show’ became a fixture of the 5 to 6 p.m. evening drive slot. Billy tried to convince the program director, Dennis Clare, to change direction away from playing Top-40 music to an all-talk format allowing Billy to air his opinions. Dennis was hesitant, but eventually approved the move. This proved to be a double-edged sword; after three months, Billy went too far in one of the first controversies of his career. By Easter 2007, he was informed that his show had not progressed. He was shown the door and asked never to return.

While developing the radio show, Billy moved onto the Internet and created a fan website about comedian Adam Carolla. This was hugely successful, but the legal department at CBS Radio told Billy to take it down or face legal action. Unexpectedly, he received a further call from CBS asking if he would develop and run the official website for Carolla’s new syndicated show that was scheduled to start in January 2006, and Billy seized the opportunity. Sadly, he became a victim of CBS Radio’s cost-cutting, and was one of the 3,000 staff laid off later that year. Once again, Billy showed his willingness to adapt to new media and signed up with Infectious Radio. Infectious Radio started broadcasting on January 1st, 2008. The producer, the larger than life Robert ‘G-Man’ Shields booked guests and appeared on the show as well. Sadly, he died on April 5th, 2008, leaving a huge hole and the broadcast took a one-month hiatus. When Billy returned to his role as host with his longtime friend, Robin Steal, the shows ratings took a dive downward and never recovered. Infectious Radio aired from the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, California.

Since January 1st, 2010, ‘The Billy Moses Show,’ broadcasts from Northern Nine Records in Hollywood, California. On this popular show, Billy interviews local bands, Internet celebrities, and still manages to take phone calls. Of course, Billy still courts controversy and rants about his daily life with humor and passion. His strong personality, unwavering self-assurance, and his intellectual honesty have seen his career soar; episodes of the show were exclusively on iTunes and were downloadable for free. Billy has been scouted by major news organizations including CNN, HLN, MSNBC and NY1, who were impressed with his unique style and addictive personality.

In 2013, Billy received his certification in Justice and Ideas of the Twentieth Century. In 2014, Billy received his certification in International Human Rights and Music Business from EdX — a not-for-profit initiative that was originally funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

In 2014, Billy moved to Tehachapi, California; on Saturday, March 26th, 2016, Billy was Baptized by Father Mark Maxon at Saint Malachy Church, Confirmed -- taking the Confirmation Saint of Saint Pope John Paul II -- and received his First Communion in accordance with his spiritual beliefs rooted in Catholicism.

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America in 2016, Billy studied political science and philosophy at Antelope Valley College which prompted an abrupt interest in training to become a Brother in a Roman Catholic Southern California-based Benedictine Abbey.